Dyes Intermedaite – Uses and Market Scope

Dyes Intermediates are downstream products of petroleum which are processed for some particular application in dyes. On processing, these products become finished pigments and dyes. These are used in textile, paints, plastics, paper and printing inks industry. These also act as raw materials essential for reactive, acid and direct dyes. These are used for hair dyes also. These intermediates are principally used to add certain properties to dyes so that they can deliver the desired performance for long. http://datastore.rediff.com/h5000-w5000/thumb/615D5360595B59596736705961696A2A606D6C/w2bd9q4xvm4gt4sr.D.0.Dyes_Intermediate.jpg
Popular dye intermediates
Some of the popular dye intermediates are acid orange and black dye, yellow dye, malachite green crystal, anthraquinone type intermediates, basic magenta lumps etc. One of the important dye intermediate is 1-Amino-4-Napthalene Sulfuric Acid Sodium. The purity of these dyes is around 75 percent which appear like white crystal and used in Azo Dyes synthesis.
Dye Intermediates Uses
These are used in textile, plastics, paints, printing inks and paper industry. These are also raw materials essential for reactive, acid and direct dyes. These are used for hair dyes also. Paratoluenediamine and Paraphenylenediamine are the two intermediates used for hair dyes. Coloring agents and dyes are made from these intermediates which are water resistant and can be used for a longer period. These dye intermediates are also used in the food industry for making artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. While choosing the compounds for the food industry the safety and hygiene of the humans should be kept in mind.
Market of dye intermediates                 http://datastore.rediff.com/h5000-w5000/thumb/615D5360595B59596736705961696A2A606D6C/06pcweubjud6dd9o.D.0.Hair_Dyes_Intermediate.jpg
The market of dye intermediates is expanding steadily with the growth of textile and printing industry. The demand for dye intermediates is forecasted to increase drastically throughout 2013 and the textile industry is likely to become the largest single consumer of these substances. Apart from textile industry these intermediates are also going to be widely consumed by the plastic and paint coating sector. With constant development in science and technology these chemicals are also becoming more and more efficient.
These intermediates have become an indispensable part of the industries where dyes play an important role.
It is not hard to find these intermediates nowadays. As there are a large number of companies and dyes wholesalers that are associated with the manufacturing and distribution of these substances, buyers need to choose carefully from variety of options. They can take the help of experts in order to make the right choice.

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