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Garment Accessories enhance the look of the garments

All types of garments accessories used in garments are available online. Persons interested in purchasing these can browse through the various official websites of manufacturers to directly avail from them at minimum rates.

Some of the Garment Accessories include-

Buttons - a small fastener used in fashion design and modern clothing is a button. Two pieces of fabrics are tied together in a secured way by a button. Buttons are generally made up of plastic and are also available in other materials including wood, sea shell, metal, rubber, fabric covered, natural substances like coconuts, horns, mould etc., magnet, plastic covered, etc. The fabric of the garment is the main factor in choosing the appropriate buttons. Like in shirts the plastic buttons are used according to the color of the shirt whereas the in suits metal buttons look perfect, ladies garments use fabric covered buttons or wood buttons and the dresses of kids always have attractive plastic buttons like stars, dolls, strawberries etc.

Zipper - the edges of any flexible material or an open fabric is bond with the help of zip fasteners or zippers. Zippers are mainly used in clothing like jeans, jackets or trousers. The zippers consist of protruding teeth of two rows which are interconnected for linking the rows carried from tens to hundreds of uniquely shaped plastic or metal teeth. These teeth can be shaped from a continuous coil or can be individual. The slider associated with the zipper is hand operated and it always moves along the teeth of rows. A Y shaped channel is the slider that separates or meshes together the opposing teeth of rows, which depends upon the sliders’ movement direction. The different types of zippers include coil zippers, close ended zippers, open ended zippers, plastic molded zippers, metallic zippers, invisible zippers etc.

Buckles- buckles are clasps which are the devices used for two loose ends fastening, one end is attached to the clasp and the other end is grasped tightly by a catch in adjustable and a secured manner.  A buckle consists of 4 components which include a frame, chape or caps, prong and a bar. The different materials that are used in making buckles include metal, polymers, glass, pearl, leather, wood etc. The different types of buckles are clasp, belt or conventional buckle, buckle slide or trim, blimp buckle, slide release buckle etc.

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