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Natural Dyes are essential in textile industry

People have been weaving and wearing clothes for thousands of years. Previously there used to be only white clothes due to the lack of dyes and dyeing processes. But as technology developed more and more, methods of deriving color from natural substances were developed. As a result people started to use more and more natural dyes as a medium of coloring their garments. Most of these dyes are obtained from plant parts like roots, barks, leaves and berries. The main advantage of using these dyes is that as they are purely natural products, they are not harmful nor are they costly. In fact they can be used easily to paint the garments in the desired color.

History of dyes

The history of dyes dates back to more than 5,000 years in the Neolithic Age. At that time people used to color their garments using locally available materials principally plant products. Chinese people have been dyeing their clothes with plant colors since 3000 BC. The development of artificial dyes in the 19th century paved the way for new dyeing process and as a result natural dye became lees used. However, nowadays, with the zeal of the fashion industry to explore new possibilities in clothing, natural dye is having a resurgence as a lot of cloth manufacturers are getting more and more inclined towards using natural dye.

The process of dyeing

The process of dyeing was a tedious one in ancient times. Previously textiles that were to be dyed were immersed in water that contained the dyestaff. After a prolonged process of simmering, sometimes for weeks, the dye got transferred to the textile from the solution. This whole process required huge human effort and was enormously time consuming as well. With the development of modern technology dyeing process became easier and more affordable. Nowadays mostly sophisticated machines are used for the whole process of dyeing. This has led to an increase in productivity and also to an improvement of quality. It is possible to dye textiles in three different stages— when they are in the form of a raw fiber or when they are in the form of a spun yarn or when they are in the form of woven clothes.

The quality of the dye is important

The quality of the dye is important in modern textile industry. If the quality of the dye is not good it would not last long on the garment. Therefore, it is important for textile manufacturers to take special care while dyeing their fabrics. Natural dye can be reliably used to color clothes and they can last for a long time if maintained properly.

Natural Dyes are easily available nowadays. Potential buyers can go through the internet in order to get an idea of different kinds of natural dyes available in the market. It is always advisable to contact the dye manufacturing company in person if a bulk purchase has to be made. They can also order for the dyes online and avail authentic products.

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