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Industrial Nets Have A Huge Range Of Application

Industrial nets are used for a wide range of industrial applications and are generally made up of plastic netting that includes plastic grids or plastic mesh. These nets protect the products and the people.  These industrial meshes that are used in processes that require handling material work as a protective barrier and in separation layers works as breathable parts and over individual parts acts as a protective mesh.


These structures with heavy duty netting are used as protection and support in Electro Coating parts like plating, washing, separating OEM parts, handling of intra plant parts, machine guards, pallet rack netting or ware house containment etc. The other applications of these nets include protection of parts, cable, end mill, spline shaft, live tool, machined parts, shaft, painted parts, chrome parts, plated parts, tools, precision parts, bearing. The sleeves where these nets are used include drill bit safety, filter core, collet, gas cylinder, wine bottle, piston, vibration, finger etc. The other applications include spring silencers, Pipe wrap, Glass wrap, cosmoline replacement etc.

Types Of Industrial Nets:

There are wide ranges of nets used for industrial applications. Some of these include:

1. For Protection of Parts the Elastic and Netting Sleeves are used – The tubular and elastic netting sleeves are used for the convenient protection of valuable components and parts. These netting sleeves are economical and effective and polyethylene resins are used for manufacturing these which provide it with elastic and soft cushioning features to protect the surfaces of the parts from abrasion and chipping during transport and handling. Some of the special features of these sleeves state that these are breathable, reusable, labor saving, long lasting, cost effective etc.

2. Separations Pads are Breathable Parts- The corrosion and rust are minimized by plastic netting which offers with a separating and breathable layer linking the valuable parts.  The fluids are not absorbed by the open mesh netting which restricts the flow of air like in cardboard dividers. These extruded parts are durable and are used as separator netting like in pallet liners, basket dividers, tote liners, bin liners etc. These dividers are reusable and so are economical.

3. Warehouse Safety Net- This safety mesh or netting are used for reducing the damage of the products and protects the people in storage areas and warehouses. The integral joint structure of these nets is made up of polypropylene grid and aperture size and original hole is retained that helps in resisting sagging.

All types of Industrial nets are available online. Persons or organizations interested in purchasing these can directly avail from the manufacturers at a lower rate.

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