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Different Types of Plastic Moulding Procedures Used Nowadays

Plastics can be defined as synthetically produced compounds which are non metallic in nature. It can be easily molded into different forms and then can be hardened for various commercial uses. Nowadays, plastic molded products can be seen everywhere and these have become a necessity nowadays. As plastics are more durable and long lasting when compared with wooden products, therefore, common masses prefer to use these for daily purposes. Some such examples are protective caps, grips, bottles, accessories, jars, plastic tubes, toys, cases, kitchen utensils and more. Various machines and Plastic Moulding procedures are used for manufacturing these end products.

The main process is inserting liquid molten plastic into a pre shaped container and then allowing it to cool down. After plastic reaches the room temperature, then the mold can be removed and the real plastic product is used in future. This process is also known as injection molding and various types of modern techniques and machines are used for this purpose. Such molding can be custom made as well, using various plastic products such as cabinets, garden pots, boxes and trays used in offices, barricades, barriers, traffic signage and also displays for various marketing and product promotional campaigns.

Some of the well known Plastic Moulding processes are:

  • Blow Molding: This method is more or less like injection molding and the only difference is that the hot liquid is poured out of a barrel in a vertical position inside a molten tube. Then the mold closes and forces it in an outward manner in order to get the inside shape. When the mixture cools down, then a hollow is formed in the middle. Some examples are tubes, bottles and containers.
  • Injection Molding: As mentioned earlier, this is the most important molding process that can be seen nowadays. In this case, the molten plastic is forced to enter the mold cavity and after cooling the liquid plastic, the mold is taken out. This process is followed while manufacturing mass production of a single product. The machines used for this purpose were made in 1930s.
  • Compression Molding: In this regard, a piece of hard plastic is pressed in between two molten halves. The pressure is given vertically and later, the parts are air cooled.
  • Gas Assist Molding: This is also known as gas injecting method and is used for manufacturing plastic parts with interiors which are hollow in nature. High pressure gas is then use for filling the gaps with molten plastics.
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