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June 3, 2013

Textile Testing Equipment forms the backbone of the Textile Industry

The textile industry is currently going through a boom and it is absolutely important for each and every textile company to perform properly so that the gap between the demand and supply of quality textile products can be met. Textile testing equipment plays an important role in helping the textile industry perform smoothly. The main advantage of using such an equipment is that it helps maintain a standard quality of the products as any discrepancy in the quality is quickly detected by these machines. This ensures the supply of quality products in the market, thus giving a boost to the textile industry as a whole.

Textile Testing Equipments

Yarn testing equipments
– Yarn testing equipments are used to check the quality of the yarns that are the basic raw materials of the textile industry. With the help of these equipments it is possible to check the rigidity and crimp of the yarns. These equipments can also be used check the appearance and the evenness of the yarn, which ultimately determine the look of the finished fabric.

Strength testing equipments – Strength testing equipments are mainly used to check the strength of the yarns which ultimately determine the breaking point of the fabric. These equipments include tearing strength tester, tensile testing machine and pull strength tester. All the machFabric Testing Equipmentines are vital to determine the strength and rigidity of the textile.

Weighing equipments - Weighing equipments are used to measure the weight of the yarns. These equipments are available in different scales as different measuring units are used in different countries. The equipments that are used for weighing are extremely sensitive so that they can detect the weight even to the last detail.

Microscopes – Microscopes are widely used not only in the healthcare sector but in the textile industry as well. They allow professionals to take a detailed look at the composition and structure of the fabric and determine its quality. Modern microscopes are fitted with LED lights and even computers in order to make the detection process easier and trouble free.

Due to the prevalence of a number of companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of textile machinery parts and testing equipment, buyers need to choose carefully from a wide range of options. It is advisable to take the help of a professional expert before making a purchase of such an equipment as there is no room for compromising with the quality as far as Textile Testing Equipment is concerned. 

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