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Dard se mera daman bhar de!


You know… What happened the other day? I was giving a Solo in open air… in a garden… under the tree… as soon as I started singing… all the birds… cuckoos & perhaps… a nightingale also… :O))) Started… singing… chirping… & responding… to the music… and the whole atmosphere was filled with the songs sung by Man n Nature together… Indeed… It was a feeling magical… I could feel deep in my heart… still, still there is so much bliss Nature wishes to shower on me… !!!


Aah… Kya meri hee jholi phati huee hai? :O(((


Inshaa Allah! Then I sang… ” Dard se mera Daman bhar de… Ya Allah! Phir chahe, diwana kar de… Ya Allah! ”




(Photo By – Nilesh Dhakras)

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  1. Jolly Jacob says

    That shows what a sensitive soul you”re. I think the nightingale was sitting UNDER the tree singing :) I think if we are tuned to Nature then Nature responds in the most magical ways to speak to our souls…..

  2. PGR NAIR says

    A melodious voice finds a melodious echo in both the flora and fauna around us. That exemplifies that you are a genuine and genial singer whose voice harmonizes the sentiments of nature. Wonderful picture….PGR

  3. ranjit singh says

    really heart touching post…what are the names of your recorded cds and where are these available in Chandigarh and delhi, Prachi ji… I really like meaningful songs etc….ranjit

  4. INDER VIG says

    what a gift you and the others present there got from those for whom we even seldom think to gift,,,missed but yet experienced thro your blog…makes me fall in love with you prachi..
    hay why it says i cant add you as my friend thou you are there in my favourate list???

  5. Trishna Mumbai says

    Its indeed bliss to be one with nature and blessed are those who can experience it. T

  6. rajesh vora says

    Darn !! i missed those magical moments to listen to all of you in unison.. what a sight it must have been… (and sound too.. ).. goes on to show how much a lovable person you are prachi.. :) lovely enviro friendly blog (green color na font chhey etle enviro friendly kahun chhoon.. lols..)

  7. slipperyways nMe says

    sometimes i think that why people ask for more pain ( refer your song–dard se…). do not they already have enough of it ? well! for the song, it is lovely. btw…. i was also among those birds ..:)))). did n”t you recognise me ??

  8. Laughing Stock says

    Lovely song. Though it is a song of dard, it can cheer you up.

  9. Nikhat Fatima says

    Must have been a wonderful experience, no? singing with the birds???? And that song sounds wonderful yaar. Can u please, please send that song to me? On my mail id:
    The last time u sent ”Chalo us koh par”, I listen to it frequently…..

  10. Think Tank says


  11. Sameera Nandi says

    I saw the title of your post and remembered this ghazal “Dard se mera…” which was sung long ago by Lataji in collaboration with Jagjit Singh. Come to think of it, its been ages since I listened to it. Yaad dilaane ke liye shukriya

  12. Moe M says

    Aiiyyyo wot language was that on my blog – I yam toatally lost now – phast I thought it wash in English – maybe different ishtyle but reading and reading I gote more and more konfused till my fushe blew.

    Glitterize Your Images

    Glitterize Your Images

  13. Kush A says

    Miya Tansen ki zindagi me bhi kucch aise hota tha. Maloom hota hai aapka anzaad-e-gaan bhi Miya Tansen jaisa hai. Mashallah!

  14. Jissy Thomas says

    Sabse sureelaa sangeet vahi hai jo dard ke sur mein gaayaa jaay … Now-a-days, I too get to hear natural melodies all around … Believe me, it”s an ecstatic experience … I can spend hours listening to the chirping of the birds … I feel so relaxed .. :-)

  15. dhrubo says

    Very nice Prachi

  16. Freedom Unbound says

    Beautiful naa. Music has no language, no barriers…yeh toh awaaz hai shrishti ki.. naad…swar…ka khubsurat swaroop. Dear Nightingale, phir yeh dard ko pukar kyoon? Kitni kushkismet ho tum ki yeh sab behtareen nazaare dekh aur mehsoos kar sakti ho, phir bhala jholi kahan se phati hai?? Hum se poocho jinke paas na tumhare jaisi jholi hai aur naa yeh nazaare dikhte hain..:)) Its not your jholi which is ”phati huee” but we keep stealing away from it…Bas yoon hi bharte rahna usko…aur hum churaate rahegein… God Bless..Loves:)))

  17. Moe M says

    Isn”t it a wonderful feeling when you feel that the whole of God”s creation stops by to enjoy the beauty of your music and then decide to join in – guess this is what they call music of the heavens no.

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :)))))

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