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I live with my parents and, since all of us work we needed a maid to take care of the house……etc. so we got down to hiring one from INDIA. Her name was Sheila, she was educated and could speak very good English, over all she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all stared.

One day I had to work late in the office and was given a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. Sheila was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, what the hell started to shag, what I didn’t know was that I had left the toilet door open. And over all that Sheila was just entering the room with my tea, she saw what I was doing and as I finished cumming in the tissue, and cleaning myself, she walked in with the tea. She acted as if nothing happened . but I could feel that she saw what I was doing.

I later came to the hall and was watching the television, and on the movies channel there was a softcore porno going on – interesting . Sheila came and sat down and started to watch. The stuff was getting a bit hot and I was now and then looking at her. She kept on looking at me. That’s it the signal GO was passed and in a matter of seconds I was near her rubbing her thighs and slowly going up her skirt. My one hand was on her full round breast. She at first didn’t do anything and after a while she started to rub my stuff which was already rock hard. I asked her to suck it she first said no then I explained that I was clean. She agreed and bent over and started to blow me. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said “Hay your juice is coming out” don’t worry just come in my mouth. I stated to shake it out and in a matter of seconds I came in her mouth. She went and washed her mouth and came back while I was still getting over the first round. GEEEEEZ ! you should experience it to feel what I felt.

After that she told me to come to the bedroom and she started to strip her self like of professional OH! Boy that was the first time I got to see her really. She was great her breast were well shaped and round and she was correctly built. I could ‘nt wait any longer and I garbed her and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pussy which was soaking wet I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept letting out these soft morns of pleasure and she told me she was going to cum “Anand I’m cumming Oh! God It’s there I …….. she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden. I could see a liquid come from her. Then she asked me to FUCK her . I pulled her legs and stuffed my thick stick into her . She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly rocking her and then she asked me to get faster “Faster Faster you SOB, Bastard, faster, Cum,Cum you SOB, cum. I was screaming cause she had tightened her Pussy to the Max. I told her I’m cumming , she told me to abuse her so I did, You Bitch ,Whore Fucking Bitch, I’m cumming you Whore, she asked me to shootout on top of her so I pulled out my stick and started to shake it out but I didn’t waste my other hand it was way deep inside her pussy pumping , at first one finger the two and so on till all five were in , she screamed you Bastard you are tearing me open, stop but by the time I came all on her face, hair lips..etc. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut tired and we went to sleep.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went home early, she was there and I just spoke to her a little, I asked her if she was up to it again but she said no, but little that I knew that the stupid Whore was wanting me to kind off rape her. She kept giving these mixed signals that I could no longer take that shit , she was at the dining table I went behind her and pushed her face down on the glass and lifted her skirt and tore a hole in her panties and stuffed my fully erect Dick into her asshole, she said no please not from there, but it was to late I was ramming her with all my heart content. The bitch was still weeping in pain but at the same time in pleasure. I stuffed in figures into her cunt and kept pumping her at the same time, when I came I came all over her ass and on the floor on her dark thighs. She didn’t say a thing after that and just went and had a bath. My dick was throbbing after all that pumping, that I could imagine how her ass must be in pain, poor Bitch.

This use to go on for quite sometime for over a month I use to fuck her or when she was not up to it just make her blow me now and then, it became like a routine. Come home early before others came and got down to business right away.

Then one day came Sheila, called me at work and told me she requires some money, well that was it , the day that I was waiting for finally arrived. I told her well it the wrong time of the month and I ‘m almost broke, so it’s not possible. She began to plead and said I am willing to do anything you want, well Poor Bitch took the words right out of my mouth. So I told her that there are 4 of my friend and myself we just wanted to have group sex with a Bitch but never did get the chance, so if she was willing to we all would pay her and what more she would have some extra cash, after spending on her immediate need. She though for awhile and said YES. She really did know the meaning of Group Sex, she though that we guys will go one by one, sorry she was in for the surprise of her life.

The day came we asked her to dress up like a Whore. So did she. I made sure that she got the money first, before we started. She thanked us and we didn’t even ask her for what reason she need it so bad. She came back and asked us which one of you wants to do it first, ? I said well I though I told you that we wanted to have group sex, like I said the bitch misunderstood, whore, but it was too late now the five of us were hard and wanted a Fuck and what more we could no wait in turns , so I made the move I said ” You Whore just shut up and fuck and don’t argue. I slapped her and started to rip her cloths off my pals joined in and in a matter of seconds she was naked and on the floor we took of our cloths and carried her to the bedroom and tied her up to the bed her legs wide open and hand stretched out, then we started to lick her all over from head to toe, and today she was tasting even more good, she was morning & begging to stop but we didn’t care, then we started to rub her pussy and she came without a delay my friend pressed her mouth open and stuffed their two dick down her throat the bitch couldn’t breath but she kept sucking we all took turn in doing the same. Oh! I forgot to mention we were getting the whole stuff on the camera. Then we turned her over and my friend stuffed his prick into her ass, and another stuffed it into her pussy they were so tight that they thought they were fucking a virgin. I stuffed my dick into her mouth and my other two friends kept sucking her brown nipples., we all took turn this way and then made her lie down and kneeled down around her and started to “Wank” our rods, well all came yelling on her face , mouth, stomach all over and the bitch was covered in cum her hair her nose, neck everywhere, that was not it the bitch also came again her juice was all over the floor we made her taste her juice with ours, then we all pissed on the bitch giving her a bath, she was soaking wet from head to toe, then I told her “Pee you Whore we wanna see you do it” , She started to pee in front of us standing after which she went and had a bath and went into her room and slept, and so did we guys, our pricks were throbbing and one friend of mine passed a remark saying that the Bitch Loved it – yeah! Go on, that’s what we told him. The next day I remember the Bitch could not walk well and she sat around most of the time after a couple of days my folks were back and , Sheila told them that she wanted to leave the job due to problems back home.

Well who were we to stop her, everything was done for her departure and, from the Airport the Bitch did call me at work and I for minute thought the she was going to abuse me, or she would have told my parents. But she spoke very formal and at last before putting down the phone she said ” I FORGOT TO TELL YOU – THAT NIGHT YOU AND YOUR PALS, WELL I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT . ” WHAT? ” YES THIS TIME IT WAS 5 OF YOU GUYS BUT THE LAST TIME IT HAPPENED IN INDIA THERE WERE 11 GUYS”. I was shocked and white, after all what my friend said was true the Bitch did enjoy it. Now she is in India married to a sorry fuck. I wonder what she must be doing when she wants a REAL GOOD FUCK.

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Hi dosto ap sab log kaise he or thanks IWS to share our hidden file Aj mai apko mera latest incidend batane wala hu. First about myself, i am 29 yrs old strong man (maratha guy)from Pune Maharshtra. I am pleasent looking and having all that things a women can expect from her partner. Vaise to mai married hu and very much satisfied with my wife. But uska aisa hai ki Roz roz ghar ka khana khane ke bad hotel jane ka man karata hai vaise hi muje bahar maze karne mai ek alag maza ata hai. Aur bahar o sab kar sakate hai jo apne partner (wife or hubi) ko nahi bol sakate. Let’s go to story it happens 4 months before only meri sister ka ghar mere office se walking distance pe hai. To mera uske yaha ana jana raheta hai. Unke baju mai ek Gujrathi family rahati hai, o ek couple (approx 35 and 30 ages) and unki ek 4 sal ki ladki Gujrathi bhabhi (mrs bhavana) ka mere sister se kaphi acha banta tha Bhavana bhabhi is dam sexy lady i saw so far, uska figer kafi akarshak hai, good height approx 5’4? and Boobs are so shaped just one cannot stop eating them. Aur mai bhavanako pichle ek salse dekta tha aur man mai hi sochta tha ki age kaise badhe. Lekin sister ki dar se meri taraf se mai age nahi badh pa raha tha. Phir bhi ate jate bhavana se hasi mazak hone lagi thi. Aur ek din eshwar ne meri soon li uska aise hua ki mera ek jaroori letter sister ke yaha aya tha to maine sister ko phone kiya ki mai aa rah who but sister and jiju ek dusre relative ke yaha ja rahe the. To sister ne mera letter bhavana bhabhi ke pass raka aur muje unse collect karne ko kaha. Maine thik hai bola aur 11.00 baje unke yaha paunch gaya. Mai paheli bar bhavana se mere sister ke apsence me milne wala tha to mera dil dhadkane laga. Maine door bell bajai aur 2 min bhabhi ne darvaja khola aur haske muje andar ane ko bola mai bola nahi thoda Jaldi jana hai lekin bhabhi ne nahi mana. Usne black coluor ki sari pahni thi aur ekdam mall dikh rahi thi Mai under gaya unhone muje pani diya aur coffi lane kitchen chali gayi mai jan gaya who ghar me akeli hai. Fir unhone muje andar bula liya. Mai under gaya aur unko letter ke bare me pucha to who boli deti ho thoda sabr karo. Phir hum dining table pe coffi pite bait gaye. Maine unko ghar mai akeli hone ke bare mai pucha to unhone bataya ki unke pati jo dukan chalate subhe 8.00 baje jate hai aur rat 10 baje ate hai. Aur beti school gayi thi kamwali ladki use chodne gayi thi. Phir bhabhi mere bare me puchane lagi mai kya kam karta hu aur ghar mai koun koun hai etc.

Phir unhone muje meri bibi aur bache ke bare re mai pucha. Maine unko pucha ki unke pati etne time bahar rahate hai to ap akeli kaise manage karti hai. Mai ek din bhi let huva to mery bibi rat ko dusri tarf move karke soti hai. Ye soon ke who exite ho gayi aur muje puchne lagi ki fir tum kya karte ho. Mai thoda shar ma gaya aur unki akhome dekhane laga. Are bhabhi roz karne ki adat padhi hai to mana leta hu bibi ko. Age bhi to bolo na, nahi to who letter nahi milega bhabhi mere karib ake boli mai chouk gaya aur khush bhi huva bhabhi ki exitment dekhkar nahi bhabhi pahele ap batao ap kya karte ho ye sunte unka mood hi badal gaya aur vo rone lagi. Maine parthiti ka fayda uthaya aur unke khande pe hath rakake unhe samjane laga. Aur mai sab jan gaya aur ye bhi jan gaya ki ab kya karna padega .letter ka saval tha. Mai uthkar unke ekdam karib gaya aur sharir vhipka kar unka matha mere sine pe laga liya. Bhabhi ki ronak bandh ho gayi aur unhone akhe band kar li. Maine unko aur najdikh khica ab unki sanse tej hone lagi thi. Mere pant me halchal shuru ho gayi. Mai jan gaya ab mujhe time waste nahi karna chahiye. Maine unko bedroom ki tarf chalane ko kaha. Ab unka mood puri tarah se badal chuka tha o uthakar mera hath pakad ke khichati bed room le gayi maine unko dhaka mar ke bed pe lita diya lekin usne mera hath nahi choda tha to mai unke uper ja gira. Uske boobs mere sene se takara gaye. Maine unhe jamke baho mai bhar liya aur sungane laga. Maine mera move unke blaose ke uperi Ched (fat) mai rak ke ek jordar kiss kiya unka move uper ki taraf kar ke who jorose sanse bharne lagi. Fir mai thoda uper jake unke lips me apne lips dal diye aur jordar kissing chalu kiya. Who ekdam tadapane lagi aur muje apni aur khichane lagi. Maine ek ek karke uske aor mere kapade utar dise. Ab hum dono ekdam nange hoke ek dusre ko lipat gaye. Maine bhavana se pucha who etna betab qe hai. To pata chala ki uska pati late nigth thakkar atta hai aur jada se jada hafte me ek bar unka contact hota hai aur usme bhi vo bhavana ko santusht nahi kar pata. Aur unme koi kissing aur forplay nahi hota, esliye bhavana garam hone se pahele hi vo jhad jata hai aur bhavana hamesha se unsatisfied rahati hai pichale 10 sal se since their marraige.

Ye sab sunkar mujhe aur jor aa gaya aur mai uska sara sharir upar se niche chatne laga. Jaise hi mai kamar ke niche jane laga to uski tadpan badne lagi aur vo muje aur jor se apane aur khichane lagi. Ab tak vo kafi gili ho gayi thi. Fir uska dyan mereland pe gaya jo apne full form me aa chuka tha. She now cannot stop to feel same inside her pussi. Ab vo peet ke bal let gayi aur pav failakar muje khula amantran de diya. Maine age hoke mere land ko thikane pe rakh diya and ek dhaka de diya, but dhakka use sahan nahi huva aor vo jor se chilla uthi. Mai thoda ruk gaya aur dhaka na dete gradual perssure dene laga aur ahiste se mera lund andar ghusa diya. Fir for a minute mai aise hi bait gaya now she was enjoing my tool inside her pussy. And she started moaning aa you and so many sexy voice. Now i started giviving small jerks and we found the rytham. Ab maine mera speed badaya aur who bhi nichese dhakke marne lagi aur vo zad gayi maine speed kam kar diya muje bahut maza aa raha tha kafi alag feling ho raha tha ab ham firse rytham me aa gaye. Ab maine mera land kafi under dal ke vahi tika diya aur vo bhi muje hold kar rahi thi aur ham dono charam seema pe ake zad gaye. I could judge her satisfaction on her face.
Thoda der ham esehi padhe rahe aur thodi der bad wash karke kapade pehan ke bahar aa gaya. Phir usne muje mera letter de diya jo usne bed ke niche chupaya tha taki mai uske bed room tak asani se aa saku. Ye sab usne pahale se hi soch rakha tha. Ab mai jane laga to usne mare pass akar mere gal pe halka sa kiss kiya maine use thanks kaha for letter. Usne kaha thanks to muje bolne hai for such wonderfull experience. I left her and waiting to have second chance with her.

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Hello friend keise hai aap.sabhi aunty bhabhi aur hot and sex bomb girls lo mera namaskar main yaha par aap ko meri ek sachi story batane ja rahahu jo ki hal hi mare sath ya bani dosto ho jaya tayat mari romanchik story ko padh ne ke liya pehla mein apna introduction deta hu.main ek 6?3hight lamba.40?inch chest aur mare laund 8?or 3? motoa hai dekha ne main ek dam smart aur hansome hu.koi bhi ladki dekhati hai to dakhti hi rah jati hai aur bhabhi ka to pucho mat wo to picha hi pad jatii hai main dikh ne main ek dam gora hu aur body bhi thik hai.

Accha to ab main apni story per aata hu, huwa u ke ya storie meri aur mari mami jis ka naam meena hai use ke sath main ne kaisa sex kiya wo bata na chata hu mujha mari mami bahut hi sexy lagti thi bade bade boobs aur uski gand bhi badi use dekh ke mara lund to pagal ho jata tha bus jabhi main mere mama ke ghar jata to use kaise chodu ya soch ta tha per kuch ho nahi pata tha. ek din main mama ke yaha gaya tha tabhi mami ne muje awaj lagai ke chalo thoda mera sath atta lene jana hai main mana nahi kar paya or tyyar ho gaya sham ka vakht tha yuhi koi 7 baje

Hoga maine apni bike nikali aur unke sath chala gaya aur aata leker aa raha the tab main ne dekha ki aata jada ha aur picha use rakhi jaya atni jagha nahi thi to maine mami ko bola ki mami ek kam karo ya gunny muja dedo main use age taki pe rakh deta hu to wo boli thikk hai to wo aata ke gunny maine takki pe rakh di aur main bike pe baith gaya.gunny ki baja se main thoda aur picha baith or mami ko bola ke aap baith jaya to wo bhi baith gayi main ne bike start ki or

Jana laga aab huwa ya ki gunny badi thi use pakad ne ke liya mami ne age haath kiya aur use pakkad liya ise doran une ke boobs mari pith pe takra ne lage aur mujhe garam mehsus huwa mara liya to ya pehla anubhav tha is liya mujha aur bhi maza ane laga.jaise jaise road per gadd aata to muja bada maja aata tha aur main jan buj ke piche ki taraf khisak ta tha muja aur bhi maja aa raha tha fir ka jada maja dena bhagwan ko bhi pasad nahi tha aur ghar aa gaya.aur main raat

Ko muth marke so gaya.fir do tin mahi ne ka baad rishta dar ki shaadi main mami,papa,mammy sab gaya tha raat ko unha aane main late ho gaya jab ki main ghar pe koi nahi ho ne ki baj se mama ke ghar hi gaya tha mare ghar se mama ka ghar kam se kam 10 mil ki duri per hai,tab raat to achanak 10 baje mare papa ka phone aaya ke idhar ghar pe ake apni maami ko un ke ghar chod naa hai main jat se tayyar ho gaya aur maama ke ghar se nikl pada un ko lene main apne

Ghar gaya tabhi 10.30 baj chuke the aur un ko bike pe bitha ke chal na chalu kiya aab mari kahani kaa mode chalu ho gaya rasta main andhara tha sadak pe kutta tak nahi tha rasta sumsam tha main jan bhuj ke sit ke picha se baitha tha aur mami ke boobs mari pith pe lag raha the aur muja maja aa raha thaa.phir jaisa jaise bike chalti gayi waise waise mari pith pe dabaw badhta gaya aab mujh se ya bardast nahi ho raha tha to main ne khujli ka bhana ker ke apna ek haath

Pith pe le gaya aur khuja ne laga aur mare hath mein une ke boobs lag rahe the phir maine jor se khuja na chalu kiya jise unke boobs hath lag ne ki bajh se uper nich hone lage aur jab main pich mudker dekha to mami hans rahi thi muja bada aschriya huwa.aur dhire se maine un ke boobs ko press ker diya to wo kuch nahi boli to mujh main aur bhi himmat aagai aur main blouse ke under haath daal ker boobs press ker ne laga,phir main ne mami ko apni taraf khinch liya aur pallu hata

Ke blouse ke under hath dal ke nipple ko ek hath se nichod ne lage wo siskariya lane aur dhire please dhire aise bol ne lagi lakin main kaha sune wala tha pehli bar zingi main bol dakha to jahir hai ke takat laga ke daba lu ga na.aur itne main ghar aagaya aur main apni room main ja ke so gaya.hamara do ghar hai jis man main sirf main hi rahta hu dusre ghar main maama rahta hai do no ek sath juda huwa hai.

Fir itna hone ke baad main mami ko chod ne ki firket main dhud raha tha aur bhagawan ki daya se ya moka mill hi gaya.huwa ya ki mama ko 2 din ke liya apni office ke kam se bhar jana pada aur wo karib sham ko 4 baje ghar se nikal gayamuje ya pata chala to main pagal ho gaya aur mama ke ghar nikal pada.sham 8 bjae dosto se gappa marke main khana khane ke liya mama ke ghar gaya waha khane khate khate maine dekhaki mami muje shararti smile de rahi thi aur kuch

Jada hi baat kar rahi thi.khana khana ke baad maine unko ishara kiya ki wo thoda room main aajaya aur unho ne apni mundi hilai wo bacho ko khana paros ke wo mare paas ayi to main ne turant hi unko picha se pakad liya aur gand pe apna lund rakha uper hi uper shot mar ne laga aur picha se hath dal ke boobs daba ne unho na aisa kar ne se mana kar liya aur kaha ki main ghar ka kam pata ke raat ko bachha so ne ka bhad aajaya gi.maine uneha apne room main he ane

Ke liya wo haa kar ke jane lagi maine phir se picha se pakad ke boobs ko dabana chalu kar diya to vo chut ke bhag gai.aab intzar karte 11 baj chuke the mije nind nahi aa rahi thi.itne main darwaja thok ni ki awaj ayi to main turant apni pent uttar ker apni chadi utar di or fir se pent pahen liya.or darwaja khol diya to mami jaldi se under ayi or hamne darwaja bandh ker liya.jaise hi darwaja bhandh kiya waise hi main bhukha shar ki tarah us pe tut pada unho ne

Yellow color ki maxi pahni huvi thi.use main wo ek dam maal dikh rahi thi.main ne samay ki dari naa karte huwa unhe apni baho main bhar liya aur tut pada wo bhi mauje chum ne lagi aur apni taraf kinch ne lagi.main unke boobs ko jor se dabane lage wo muh se aaaaaah aaaah hoouuuuuuh aise awaz nikal ne lagi thi maine dhire se unke maxi ko uper uthaya or pair se haath firate firate unke boobs ko press kar ne lage wo bhi mij ko kiss kiya jaa rahi thi mara lund or bhi

Khada ho ta ja raha tha.fir maine un ko apne bad pe lata diya or un ki maxi ko nikal diya or dakha to kya skin thi main to boobs ko leke suck kar ne laggaya ek hath se nipple dabane laga aur ek hath se un ki chut ko shalane laga wo apne pairo ko daboch rahi thi main aur jor se unha kiss karta ja raha tha fir maine apni pent uttar di or chadi main aajya wo mare samne dekha ker smile di or apna hath mari chadi main daal diya or lund ko aga picha kar ne lagi main bhi thoda

Utawala ho gaya aur maine chadi uttar ke nich phek di aur un pe sidha chad haya un ko puri nagi ker ke unki chut chat ne laga to wo chilana laggi hiiiiiiiiiiii bus or mat tadpawo please muja chod do to mane kha mami jaan aise bhi kya jaldi hain abhi to puri raat baki hai,aur main un ke hot pe chota se kiss kiya aur chut main jibh dalke chat ne laga wo bhi apni gand utha ke mara muh ko chut pe daba ne lagi muj se saas bhi nahi la pa rahi thi dosto une ke pair mare shoulder pe the or wo pairo se muje muh chut ki taraf daba rahi thi,thoda der ke baad maine unse kaha ki ab mari

Bari hai tum mare lund ko chatogi to unho ne sidha kuch bola bine hi lund ko muh main laker chus na chalu kar diya muje bada majaa aa raha tha.main un ke balo ko pakdker taji se muh main daal raha tha.phir wo mare chet pe kiss kar ne lagi aur main uski gaand ko sahla raha tha.kariban ek ghante ke baad main ne unko lata diya aur do piro ko fila ker bich main jake biath gaya.jaise hi maine unke chut ke darshan ki ya to main pagal ho gaya aur apna lund unki chut ke muh pe

Jake rakh diya aur lund ka supda umki chut maine daal diya or wo muja mari gaan pakad liyi or lund ko chut main dal ne ke liya jaldbaji kar rahi thi aab muj se bhi control nahi ho raha tha maine ek hi jatke main pura ka pure lund unki chut main daal diya wo chilane lagi nikalo ise ya to bhut hi bada hai hiiiiii main maar jaungi muje chod do please lakin aab kya mare nishana to lag chuka tha aab to kuch nahi ho sakta maine do no boobs ko pakad ke grip banali aur lund tazi

Se under bahar kar ne laga mami chalati hi jarahi thi aur muhe pith pe chutiya kat rahi thi jaise jaise dar hu wai to unha bhi maja ane laga or gand utha ke sath dani lagi or boli ke kya baat hai ya to ghajb ho gaya ki aaj pahli baar kisi bhanje ne apni maami ko itna khush kiya hoga main shot pe shot marta gaya aur chodta gaya mamni itne main do baar jhad chuki thi or main bhi jhad ne wala tha maine apni speed badhai aur be rahimi se lund ko aga picha kar ke under hi jhad gaya itna ker ne ke baad bhi mara lund abhi bhi khada tha thoda dar ke baad hum yahi bad pe

Pade raha,kariban 1 baje mari need khuli to maine dekha ki mami mari taraf pith kar ke so rahi thi ab mara lund fir se khada ho chuka tha main pich se lund ko unki gaand ke hole pe le jake rakh diya or jatke marne lage to mami jag gai or unho ne apni gaand ko aut tadi ker ki pich se mare pairo ke bich jakad ke rakh di main or bhi uttejit ho gaya or uthker hair oil ki bottle laker aagaya or mami ko kaha ke maami jaan utho aab tumari gaand ki baari hai,wo muskara ke mera lund ko pakad ke hilla ne lagi or muh main laker chus ne lagi main unki gaand ko sahla ne laga

Aur oil nikal ke unki gand main barobat daal ne laga wo bhi gaand ko mari taraf hila ke apna jalwa dikha ne lagi aab mami ne lund chod diya aur uth ke dewar ke taraf muh ker ke khadi ho gayi main picha se jake unke boobs pakdker dabane laga aur lund gaand pe ragad ne laga wo gaand ko picha kar ne lagi or jor se hilla ne lagi aab muj se raha nahi gaya or maine une ke paro ko picha kar ne ko kaha jise mije or bhi gand ko marne ko mila phie apna lund ko us ke gaand ka

Hole pe rakha to fisal gaya phir rakha to bhi fisal gaya mami boli lund pe oil lagale bhanje to maina oil liya or lund pe kone kone main oil laga diya or gaand ke hole pe rakha diya or jor se dhakka marne lage kafi dhakka ke baad pura ka pura lund gand main gaya mami apni gand ko aur picha la lake muje uttejit kar ne lagi ma bhi un ko diwar ke sath chipkaker chod ne laga 10se 15 min. ke baad main unki gaand ma hi jhad gaya or unko godi main uthake bad pe sula diya aur

Baad main so gaya.fir subha ke kaiban 6 baje ek baar or maine unki gaand mari baad main wo chali gayi aur dusre din maine unko phir ane ke liya bola to unho ne naa khaha lakin unho ne koi or nahi mari dost ki bahen ko hi raat ko mare paas bhaj diya to dosto kaisi lagi story please koi babhi ya aunty,jo apni chut or gaand marwana chathi ho to please email kare mare mail id xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.please muje replay kare ke apko story kaisi lagi

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Yeh bat pichle sardion ki hai jab mein sardion ki chotian mananay apne dost k gaun gaya woh mera school friend tah.woh mje apne bhi ki tarah samjta tha.jab mein us ke gaun poncha to woh mje lene aya aur us ny mera shukriya ada kiya k mein us k gar gaya .jab hum gar ponche to; bhut rat ho chuke thi.hum nay kahana hotel mein hi kaha liya ny mje ek razai di mein ek bistar per or woh dosray per sogaya.ap sabh ko pta hi hai k gaun mein light kitne jate hai.wahn per t\raat ko light chlae jati hai aur subah ajate hai.sardion mein kissi ko light janay se koi farq nahi perta aur humen bhi nahi per mein aur woh su gay .jab hum dono subh uthe to us nay mje apne gar walon se milaya .us ki sirf ek bahen aur ami hi wahan per rehte thi aur ek kahla thi.un k abu england mein hote the aur woh 3 saal badh wapis ate the .us ki bhen ka nam alina tha aur us ki kahla ka nam nargis tha aus ki ami ka nam rizwana tha.un k gar mein un ki khala aur uski bhen ki shaadi nahi hoe hui thi.mere dost ki ammi k kissi ristidar ki death ho gaye thi .woh dosre gaun gay thay aur us nay mje kaha k mein teem din tak ajaun ga ton yahi per rahay mein nay kaha k thek hai .mein wahan per sahen mein bhet gaya us ki kahla mje dekh rahe thi.mein bhut attractive larka tha.aur har larki pasand karti thi.raat ko mein mere dost ki bhen aur us ki khala ek hi kamray mein soay woh dono ek bed per lait gay aur mein dosri charpao per.mein nay dekha k us ki khala mere kafi interest lai rahi hain leken mein un se dor hi raha . mein charpai per lait kar bhut perishan ho gaya tha .iss liye mein kamre se bhair chala ki kahala bhi mere peechay bhair again.aur mje se poochne lagi k tum kyn bhair agay mein nay kaha k mje charpai per need nahi ate woh kahanay lagi k tum humare sath hi so jao .mein un ki baat sun kar heeran rahay gaya aur mein nay kaha k nahi mein charpai per hi so jaun ,aur andar chala gaya.jab subh utah kar mein nay moon hath doya .leken ahi tak koi bhi nahi utah tha.mein nay jab samne bed per dekha to alina kia kameez thore si upper uthi hoi thiaur us ka gora badan mje nazar araha tha.mein apne a[ per kabu nahi kar pa raha tha.mje phir apne dost ka khayal aya aur mein bhair chala gaya.aur thore deer bhair gaun mein phir kar jab gar wapis aya to sare uth chuke the.jab alina chahe lai kar aye ko mje bus is ka woh nanga badan hi damag mein tha.aur mein wohi soch raha tha k ek dum ud ki khala agye aur kahaany lagi k kahan per kohe hue ho mein nay kaha k kaheen nahi.mein phir chahe peenay laga aur jb raat hoi ko mein kahana kaha hi raha tah k light chale gaye mien nay kahana khaya aue mein chaaht per chala ki bahen bhi mere pecchay hi upper agai.mein aur alina dono baten karne lagay .aur kafi deer tak baten karte nay mje apne bare mein btaya k mein 19 saal ki hon aur gar mein hi rehte hi mera hath galte se us kay boobs per touch ho gaya jis ka uss ne bora nahi maana.leken mein phir dor hi ho gaya .ab raat k 2 baj chuke the aur light nahi aye thi.mein nay kaha k mein neechay se pani pe k ata hon.jab mein neechay gaya ko us ki khala so chuke then.mein phir chath per chal gaya aur us se bat karne laga . ab mje need anay lag gai aur mein nay kaha k ab neechay jana chahe. woh kahnay lagi k abhi thore aur deer bat karte hain. mein nay kaha k mje bhut neend arahi hai mein ab aur nahi bat nahi kar sakta hon.aur mein neechay ja kar so gaya .mein jab sobha utah ko koi bhi nahi utahhua tha mere nazer alina per perhe aur mein us ke pass ja kr bati gaya aur us k jism per hath pherne laga thore deer aisa karne k badh mein utah aur bhair subah ki sair k liyay chala gaya mje yeh nahi pta tha k woh uthi hue hai .mein nay nashta kiya ur thore deer un dono ke sath baten karne laga.leken mein jab bhi alina ko dekhta to woh mje aise muskrahat dhe rahi the k woh us waqt uthi hue thi.mein us ki khala se baten kerta raha aur phir thore deer bhari chala gaya aur gaaun ko dekhne laga.jab mein gaunki sair k gar aya to us waqt rat k 8 baj gaye the .sare late gaye the jab mein aya to alina nay mje khana khanay ko diya mein nay kahana kahay hi tha k rozana ki tarah light chale gaye.laight janay k badh mein chaaht per char gaya leken woh aj nahi aye thi mein intezar kar raha tha k woh abhi ajai gee .isse mein do gahnte guzzarr gaye aur abhi tak nahi aye thi mein chahta tha k mein aj uss sab kuch kahay don kyun k kal us ki amm i aur us k bhai nay ajan hai .aur woh mere sath hi har waqt rahe ga .aur na hi mein us ki bahen k sath mill sakon ga aur na hi baat kar sakon ga.abhi mein yeh hi sooch raha tha k mje seerion se koi awaz aye .mein samaj gaya k alina upper arahi hai .jab woh opper agaye to mein nay kahak koi kam tha neechay hain mein khala se baten kar rahi the .mein nay kha k ab woh soo gaien ne kahha k hain.mein nay kaha k aj asman per moosam bhi bhut kharab hai lagta hai k barish ho nay wali hai .phir mein us se baten karne laga mein nay uss se pocch liya k tumarha koi boy friend hai to uss nay kaha k nahi mein gar se bhair nahi jate hon.mein nay poccha k tumahre khala nay shaadi kb karne hai.tou woh blne lagi k agly maheenay un ki shaadi hai.meine tum sy kuch kehna us nay kaha k kahu .mein kuch kahnay laga hi tha k ek dum barish shoro ho gaye aur mein aur woh dono sare barish mein bheeg gaye .ab na woh andar kamre mein ja sakte the aur na hi mein.woh khala ko bta kr nahi aye thi.iss liye woh waheen per barish mein shade k neechay khare ho gaye aur mein bhi us k pass jakar khara ho nay phele hi bareek kapray phene the aur bairsh ki wajah se vo bhtu sexy lag rahe thi.tb hi us ka paun kichar ki wajh se pisla aur vo mere opper akra gere mein apna hath us ki kamar per rath diya.thore dheer badh barish khatam ho gaye aur hum dodno apne kapre sokahne opper chath per chale gaye hawa tez chal rahi thi mein nay uss ka hath paker ker us I Love You kahe diya uss nay kaha k mein bhi tum say pyaar karti hon .tab mera hosla bhar gaya .thore hi deer mein mere kapre sokhe aur us nay bhi apne kapre sokaha liyay the iss liye hum dono neechay chalay gaye mein yahaan per 15 din k liye ayya tha jin mein say 4 din hou chuke the.aglay din jab mein utah ko mera dost bhi agay tha.mein ap lo apne dost ka nam bhi batan bhul ka nam safeer tha.aur hum ussay safi bulatay the.subh jab mein utah to uss nay poccha k ya ton naraz to nahi hai k mein tje akela chor kar chalgya tha.nahi yar tere se bhi naraz hona hai.yar umer ton bore to nahi hua nahi yar .mein tere bhen aur tere khala k sath bhut khush tha.hum sare ek kamre mein bhet gaye aur lodo khelen lag gaye .ldo k time alina mere sath bhete thi.mein usse bar bar cher raha tha.jiss ki wajah se mera dhain lodo mein kam aur alina pe zayada tha.aur kiss nay mere taraf dhain nahi diya.jab raat hue to mein aur safi opper chath per chale gaye aur light bhi sath hi chale gaye aur alina bhi opper agaye aur us k sath us ki khala bhi agaye umer tum yahan per khush to hon na mein nay anti se kaha k hain mein yahan per bhut khush hon.
safi nay kaha k yaar mere khala ki agaly maheenay shadi hai ton aya ga mein nay kaha k mein nahi aun ga to mazza kaise ay gay .aise hi bateen aur gaun phirne mein do hafte guzzar gaye.mein alina bhut pass pass ho gaye the .aur mje bhut zayada hi chahne lagi thi.rozana ki tarag aj bhi light gayi aur mein chath per char gaya.safi aj jaldi sogya tha kyn k train subh 5 bjay ki thi.leken mein rozana ki tarah chath per char gay.aur alina bhi agaye mein nay alina ko bula k mein subah chala jaun ga tum mje yaad karo gee.woh mere kareeb akar kahne lagi k mein tum se pyaar karte hon.aut tumhe kabhi bhi nahi bhul sakte aur yeh kehte hi alina nay mje kiss kar diya.iss waqt raat k 2 baj rahe the mein aur alina chath per akele the woh chahte thi k mein uss k sath sex karun .mein nay jab dekha k woh yeh chahte to mein nay bhi apne hont us k honto per rakh diya mein usse 5 minute tak kiss kerta raha.aur phir mein nay uss kpuray jism per kiss kerna choro kar diya mein aur woh dono hi garam ho chukt the..leken mein uss say pyaar kar bheta tha mein ek dum peechay ho gaya aur mein kahnay laga k mein tum say pyaar kerta hon mein tum say shaadi kar na chaatha leken woh chahte thi k mein uss k sath sex karun mje lag k woh mje se nahi pyaar karte mein nay uss say kaha k tum mje se shaadi karna chahte ho to uss ne ahin mein sir hilaya uar phir mje kiss karne lag gaye mein nay uss dobara kaha k yeh galat hai aur neechay chala gaya aur ja kar sogaya.aur thore deer badh 3 bjay mje lag k mere jism mein koi cheer kahani kar raha hai .mein nay jab dekha to woh alina thi aur mwin nay usse dobara samjaya aur apne bistar per late gaya 4 bjay safi bhi utah gaya aur hum dono gar walon se ijazat lai kar chale gaye
aglay mheena jab hum dono chutian leker us k gaun ki taraf gaye to vo mje kahnaylaga k ton ja mje yahan se shaadi ki bhaut si cheezen lene mein nay kaha theek hai.mein uss k gaun gaya aur sare baat btai to vo kahnay lagay k humen phele se hi pta hai.sare gar wale shaadi ki wajah se bhair gaye hue the aur alina nahanay bathroom mein gaye thi jab woh nikli bathroom se to woh sirf aur towel mein thi mein uss dekh kar heeran reh gaya. aur mera lun uss dekh kar phele bar aise khara hua tha.mein say control nahihau aur mein nay jakar uss kiss karne lag gaya .uss nay bhi response dhen soro kar diya .mein nay uss ka towel utara to uss nay necchay kuch bhi nahi phena tha .mein nay us k jism per kissing shoro kar de mein nay uske mammay apne moon mein daal liay aur ek hath se us ki phuddi rag rane laga aur woh garm ho gaye thi aur us ki phuddi se pani nikal raha tha mein uss kamre mein lay gaya aur kamre ko under se lock kar diya.uss nay mere pent utar di aut mere shirt bhi aur vo mere jism per kissing karne lag gaye .mein bhe us k mammay buri tarh se kaat aur choos raha tha.woh itne garm ho chuke thi k vo bar bar kahay rahi thi k ab iss andar dalo .jab mein nay apna lun us ki choot mien dala ko uss ka andar hi nahi jarah hi mein nay sath per hau tail us ki choot aur apne lun per lagaya.uski choot meei dala phele ko nahi gaya phir mein nay zoorr sa jatka mara aur mein nay apne hont us ke hont per rakh diya tab hi ek aur jatka mara aur vo bardasht na kar skhe aur us ki seal khul gaye ab woh larki se aurat ban chuke thi.aur us ki choot se lhooon bhi kilana shoro ho gaya mein nay towl say khoon saf kiya aur phir apna lun us ki choot mein dala phele to uss dard hua bad mein woh bhi mazay lene lagi aur meinaur woh 20 minute k badh ek sath hi choot gaye.aur mein andar hi us ki coot mein chot gaya .uss yeh nahi pta tha k agar andar choot jau ko baccha bhi peda ho jata hai .thore deer rest karne k badh mera lun phir kharra ho gay ab mein nay us ki gand marne ki sooche aur mein nay ab us ki gand pe tail lagay aur us ki gaand merne laga aur 10 minute mein hi choot gaya .ab mein aur vo dono hi nahai chale gaye.ab vo chal bhi nahi pa rahi thi.thore deer mein us ki ammi agaye aur us nay apni ammi k samne bahana kar diya k mein gir gaye ki us k badh mein thra sa darr gaya aur mein wahan per 5 din raha aur koi chudai na ki.safi ab dosre college mein chala gaya aur mein lahore mein chala gayaab hum dono alag ho gay.leken ek baat yeh hai k alina ki ab ek beti bhi hai jo meri hai leken uss nay kissi ko nahi btaya hai aur uss nay abhi bhi shaadi nahi ka hai aur woh mera hi intezar kar rahi hai leken mein ab uss bhul chuka hon.aur na hi mein ab wahan jana chata hon lekne aj bhi mje pane phele chudau yaad hai agar ap ko mere kahani pasand aye ya real lagi hai to mail lazme karna agli khanai.
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