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Urdu Sex story

November 27th, 2012

Urdu sex stories and sex story in Urdu if most popular term for
searching sex stories. Today i have real story for you. Yeh bat pichle
sardion ki hai jab mein sardion ki chotian mananay apne dost k gaun gaya
woh mera school friend tah.woh mje apne bhi ki tarah samjta tha.jab
mein us ke gaun poncha to woh mje lene aya aur us ny mera shukriya ada
kiya k mein us k gar gaya .jab hum gar ponche to; bhut rat ho chuke
thi.hum nay kahana hotel mein hi kaha liya ny mje ek razai di
mein ek bistar per or woh dosray per sogaya.ap sabh ko pta hi hai k gaun
mein light kitne jate hai.wahn per traat ko light chlae jati hai aur
subah ajate hai.sardion mein kissi ko light janay se koi farq nahi perta
aur humen bhi nahi per mein aur woh su gay .jab hum dono subh uthe to
us nay mje apne gar walon se milaya .us ki sirf ek bahen aur ami hi
wahan per rehte thi aur ek kahla thi.un k abu england mein hote the aur
woh 3 saal badh wapis ate the .us ki bhen ka nam alina tha aur us ki
kahla ka nam nargis tha aus ki ami ka nam rizwana tha.un k gar mein un
ki khala aur uski bhen ki shaadi nahi hoe hui thi


30 year old female, is an embarrassment in groups. Once a thousand miles of schoolmate at college in online chat, since its introduction in the university time for me to love ” “. At least enjoy this feeling. However, when I asked: 30 women and 30 men, you think that which one is more important? Answer: do not know, I did not come into contact with a 30 year old female, my wife is very small. The present popular combat, henceforth not to click on the QQ is also very warm portrait. He represented the community is part of a 30 year old woman. The majority of female of 30 years old, family, career, emotional stability, ease husband husband, the outside man. And their body and mind, more and more mature, more and more full, such as walls blooming roses, just outside the wall did not heed her flowers. And her own, also once proud head low, suppressed aromatic and instinct, until the final. 30 year old female how to make a man love? > > >
It is a 30 years old female, should be the normal physiological needs are not enough attention and call. Some people may say, men are not the same? Yeah. Only a man both mental and physical pressure, in this regard, much smaller than the female. National Day holiday, alone back to the original unit and an old colleague party, including an old lover. When my face and wife whispers of love, turned back to me send a short message: love in your arms, quietly to sleep one night. There was a moment of love, when he called: don’t go home tonight? I was without a moment’s hesitation, flatly to do: impossible. Also remember that they used to joke, 30 men and women, are ” be fierce tigers “, the man said ” the roadside a lady-killer “, the woman is ” Panasonic belt “. It arrived 30 years old to just know, female belt child, but is not free of panasonic. Unless there is a kind of instrument, can let a female in the moment, mental and physical separation, may leave a lot of morality, responsibility, love

November 28th, 2012

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November 27th, 2012

Think marriage is satisfied. But the perfect marriage where to look for? I only have a fixed sexual partners, that is because of my husband, the network is a traditional woman, I recognized the female heart only to accommodate the location of a person; but I was an independent woman, I believe if marriage can not satisfy me, I would rather break it. The ” content ” words, does not seem to include ” sexual satisfaction “.
We do a physical examination, all normal heart; or any abnormal. Perhaps there is only one reason: we are already on the other side of the body is too familiar, even to the point of. I don’t blame him, psychologically, we have to rely more and more on. Deep affection of love, is not the passion, but the family, this is we all know the truth. Married too familiar with each other’s body, women how to eliminate sexual boredom, rekindle the passion? > > >
Then a question come : infidelity, 30 years of age, female means what?

Fear of marriage

November 27th, 2012

Fear of marriage
Love for a long time the man also is not willing to marry you, because he is not love you enough, he may have dreadful feeling to marriage, not into the marriage thought preparation.
In modern society, separation and divorce rate rise, people no longer believe in marriage. Think before marriage can be long, can make the other side has been accompanied by their own side, but now all kinds of temptations around, whether men or women will resistthe temptation is off the rails. Sometimes a man see friends married married and away, began to fear of marriage.

sex stories

November 27th, 2012

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Get married get married only three years

November 27th, 2012

Get married get married only three years, the sweet feeling will suffer a disastrous decline, fall into the abyss of the fall. Every fire like quarrel and fight, make me be scorched by the flames, as long as the eyes, began to make blind and disorderly conjectures. Worry about husband and outside lead a gay one’s fling, I’m not to entertain imaginary or groundless fears, but according to the.
I have witnessed the husband misconduct, except that there was no evidence, unexpectedly, a few days past, husband but is not recognized, death does not admit mistakes. Only blame I did not take his off the rails photo, also provoked her mother-in-law to be furious, accusing me of make trouble out of nothing, trying to protect her son. Yes, there is a woman will not side with her son, not to mention I have on the table to evidence.
Sitting in the cafe, watching Yanan tearful appearance, so pity. I handed her a piece of paper, but she did not answer, say cried tears dried, now want to cry without tears. I can understand that a woman wronged mood, seen too many women are bullying, suffering statement. After maybe tell out, the heart will feel better, better than keeping everything in the bottom of my heart. When a woman desperately hold when the pain, is the loss outweighs the gain., it is harmful to the body. Maybe can not fundamentally solve the problem, but I’ll give her the greatest support, do what a friend should do duty.
Yanan stopped two or three minutes, looked out the window at night, heaved a long sigh, and continued: my husband is familiar with the first man, on the plane hit. When I was hurrying towards the plane heading, don’t know his wallet dropped on the ground, he discovered, immediately ran back to my wallet. I thank him very much, don’t know what to say, just thanks again and again. He just sat on my left, on the flight to Shanghai, a pair of strange men and women talk about life, the last leave each of the mobile phone number and name.

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