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VoIP dialer : Add VoIP Capability to Your Computer

A VoIP Dialer applies VoIP (voice over IP) which allows calls to use IP (internet protocol) instead of general PSTN (public switched telephone network) system. Calls are transferred on internet, or private networks IP such as of a company. VoIP technology had become the lifeline for business purpose as well as for home user who need to make international calls. The software uses control protocols as an example SIP (session initiation protocol). VoIP is a digital process of transferring signal. dialer a latest approach towards better calling

Conventional PSTN system is a complete hardwired process that makes it to depend completely on conventional switch and wires where as VoIP dialer uses internet protocol technology. As the calling process is digital, it provides uninterrupted calling without any noise or interference. The VoIP technology is network independent and does not depend on any antenna for transmission. All the transmissions in VoIP dialer is based on real time signaling. Whole calling process using the software is quite inexpensive. You can make calls to any part of the world using the software.

VoIP dialer for your computer

VoIP dialer is compatible with Windows OS system as well as with Mac operating system. The software is compatible with all versions of MAC and Windows. The hardware requirement to use the software is very simple hence can be used on any pc. Installation process of the VoIP dialer is quite easy and simple. This software is completely compatible with all major service providers (ITSP).

Advantage over other VoIP dialer

Free VoIP dialer allows hacker to steel data of your computer by opening your system security while our VoIP dialer is fully safe from all threats. Quality of call from adore VoIP dialer is far better. Maintenance and use of this dialer is quite easy.

Customized Adore VoIP Dialer

Adore VoIP Dialer is customized for your needs. Along with normal features you will find in free dialers that you Adore VoIP dialer has advance features also. Customizing dialer allows users to put their company’s logo and logo on front of software.  The VoIP dialer is customized to operate with particular pc’s functionality. We provide 24*7 technical supports by our very dedicated technical support team for your technical problems.

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