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How To Convert A Crib Into A Co-Sleeper


Remove the drop-rail side of the crib. If the crib does not have a drop-rail side, remove the lengthy front side of the crib. Ensure that the crib is sturdy without the side, and that the mattress platform continues to attach securely towards the crib frame.


Push the crib against the adult bed near the head from the bed. The crib should certainly be against the side with the bed exactly where the mother will sleep.


Raise the crib or the bed if the crib mattress and adult mattress are not at the very same level. The two mattresses must be exactly precisely the same height. Use bed risers if possible, or find a sturdy piece of foam that may be precisely the same height and width from the crib mattress and spot it under the crib.


Secure the crib frame to the adult bed frame using zip ties and C-clamps. The crib must be attached so that it will not move away from the adult bed.


Push the crib mattress up against the adult mattress so that no gap remains between the mattresses. Shove a tightly rolled blanket between the crib mattress plus the remaining extended railHow to Convert a Crib Into a Co-Sleeper, to ensure that the crib mattress will remain pushed tightly against the adult mattress. Fill any gaps with tightly rolled towels.


Ensure the safety with the adult bed. If the adult bed is against a wall, make confident the adult mattress is pushed firmly against the wall to ensure that no gaps remainHow

Furnishing a nursery bedding

to Convert a Crib Into a Co-Sleeper. Also, make certain that there is no space between the mattress and headboard, and no gaps

in the headboard itself, which could pose a danger to the baby. Remove any soft pillows. Make sure sheets fight tightly, and that blankets are not used near the baby.


Cover the seam in between the adult mattress and crib mattress with a blanket. If the mattresses are properly aligned, the seam really should be nearly undetectable by means of the blanket.


Inspect the crib before each use to ensure that it remains securely attached and safe.

How To Convert A Crib Into A Co-Sleeper

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