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having a look on to the Title, you may be thinking that the
crystal items you have in your kitchen cabinet are not ‘fake’ and you do not
want to look into the whole text of the article. Here, I am writing some of the
facts regarding the authenticity of the beautiful Waterford Crystal Lismore.
Have a look into it and check what you bought. This will also help you next
time you go to purchase the beautiful crystal.

I do
not know whether you are aware about the incident happened during the eighties
and the nineties, in which lot of companies got shut down by the FBI in USA and
Europe for producing the fake Waterford Crystal items. These companies copied
the designs of the popular patterns of Waterford Crystal Lismore, Colleen,
Alana, Kathleen and many others. Most of them are the stemware like Goblets,
Flutes, Hocks, White wine and the Sherries.

like Bowls, Vases, Decanters and mainly single gift items were involved in the
production by these counterfeit companies. Most of the items are having a stem
as that was a fair game to play. It is really very tough to determine how many
such pieces are in circulation in United States but the approximate number is
into millions. You can find more information on this by searching on Google on
“NY times Counterfeit Fake Irish Waterford“ and see the report.

It is
not that after this incident and shutting down of several companies, people
stopped this lucrative business. No sooner those counterfeit companies got shut
down when some other pop up into the market with some other name. In today’s
market also, if you go to find you will get lot of them.

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