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Fusion Music

Fusion Music-22 April 2009


The Dress code has to be formal shashi smsed me ,Ok I wrote back I am wearing an Allan Paine Black Bush shirt with stripes and cream coloured trousers .thats fine ,for ladies saree is fine.I called anju it has to be saree,good heavens I have purchased a new dress for the occasion a costly 4000 worth of it with matching sandals and purse.Now she had to do something about it ,so she called Jyoti and got her dress okayed.


The occasion was special .Fusion Music Live concert at NCPA  hosted by some Parikh who is the CEO of Raycon.I will have to go on the net to find more about Raycon.We reached on the southern gate and walked around the godrej auditorium in to the main entrance facing the sea .Geyeta greeted us and gave us our passes.We were early.And gradually the crowed got thick..The doorman told us that the show will start late as the artists were getting ready.Ok we said.Then suddenly drinks appeared .It was Australian Cabernet Red and White wine.I sniffed it.Well I was not impressed with the whiff of white or red,but settled for red.Took two in row and got a bit high.Now I was enjoying the crowd which had by now grown in size and become very noisy.Anju got lost amongst the gentry.There were introductions and Photographs.I saw Shashi put his arms around a flamboyant young woman singer and pose for the picture.Lucky bugger ,I thought.


Now I became impatient.What the hell were the artists doing.Just then  were ushered in.A young thing came on the stage with a designer outfit and introduced the artists.She gave us a CV on each one and unable to hold back a second rate joke unleached it on us.Result a very big disaster but a small applause did follow.


The first concert was by Jean-Paul Bourelly  on guitar Jonas Hellborg on Bass and Willi Keller on Drums.It was classical jazz.With rhythm and lyrics .I did not understand what they played but they did set the mood in the plush auditorium with a superb chandelier to delight the audience.The wine was really good I thought ,while I thanked the hosts for closing down the bar.


Next was Shankar the Breathless fame classical vocalist accompanied by all the three artist .The rendition was a rich raga flavoured by the jazz combine.The crowd was now maha thrilled with what they did to sound ,moulding it the way they liked so that a reverberating rhythm kept the listners astounded. The timings were just great and all admired the flexibility of classical musicians provided they understood what music is all about.I concluded that this stuff was real pro and not the cup for the novice and the aspirant.I was high on the waves.chow!


Then suddenly U shrinivas and V.Selvaganesh came on the stage with their mandolin and Kanjira .Now these two and Jonas gave us a melodious one.The mandolin wins your heart .Shrinivas is a strong musician and perfectly lived up to his reputation.It was now real fusion and not a forced one.Again Shankar came and then a Jugal bandi happened with Keller and four in tow.Just mindblowing.The power of sound became evident as Selvaganesh got into form with striking notes emanating from his Kanjira he enthralled everyone present.


A great evening with lovely people.Thanks Shashi!

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