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The GIR Flag-off

Posted by Krishnendu Kes ( Ken)

Finally they are together. The four core members of The Great Indian RoadTrip riding team. Ashish Divakaran, aka, Gasoline Junkie, extensive tourer and a roaring off-roader, coming all the way from Hyderabad; Gurpreet Singh, aka Skyscraper, the stunt master and wheelie king from Geeta Colony, New Delhi; Sundeep Gajjar, aka Sunny, biker and computer graphics designer by passion and CEO by accident, and Krishnendu Kes aka Ken Cool, experienced rider across continents and superbike test rider, have finally got together. They are now putting the final pieces together to what is going to be once in a lifetime experience for all of them; the’s The Great Indian Roadtrip gets flagged off on the 15th of August 2006, in a few hours.

What is it that makes this the “Great Indian Roadtrip”? There have been roadtrips and roadtrips and roadtrips. They have all been good. But this is going to be the greatest. Ever. For several reasons. Four individuals take time out; out of their careers, lives, occupations, to go across the country.

These boys are special, to do this for a considerably long period of time to get across a message.

They will be covering 10,000 kilometers through surreal landscape, highest motorable roads, 7500 kilometers of coastline, deserts, lush green forests, plateaus, riding for 110 days. Moving across cities and towns the core riding team will meet the youth of the country, interact with them, visit heritage and lesser known sites, discover great eating joints, taste the varied cuisine of this subcontinent and bring all this to you. How? They will be accompanied by a back-up vehicle which will be a mobile communications center. And they will be uploading photographs, texts, blogs, through mobile internet connectivity. And you can access it by simply logging on and reading about their joys, sorrows, difficulties, ecstasies, uploaded at every step of their 110 day long saga.

These amazing men are on amazing bikes as well. Vehicles so exotic that they have been rarely or never seen on Indian roads, the Kinetic Blaze a moto-scooter and the Kinetic Jupiter a maxi-scooter, both fast and comfortable touring vehicles, the Hyosung Comet in association with Kinetic, the first performance V-twin bike made available to the enthusiast in India, and of course the famed beast, the CBR 1000 RR Fireblade beast, a 170 Bhp of a monster easily capable of crossing the 300 barrier.

After a year of meticulous planning by Sunny, finally he has formed a core team who helped him out in the execution of his dream baby. The flag off takes place on Independence Day 2006, for the rediscovery of freedom. They leave for Chandigarh and spend two nights there meeting people and discovering the environs of the famed city designed by Le Corbusier. Next on their itinerary will be the hallowed Sikh city of Amritsar where they will be spending two nights as well which will without doubt include a visit to the Golden Temple and the Wagah Border.

The Great Indian Roadtrip with these 4 amazing riders asks you to get up and take notice. They are asking you to get out of the 9-5 rut. They are inspiring you to break the shackles and go out and discover your planet, its colours, its people, its music, its culinary delicacies, its cultures. They are asking you to interact and know your people and others. They are coming out to interact with you, reaching out to touch you and know you.

You can stary updated about the trip on this blog 2-3 times a week. Also read Official GIR website and for more information.

You can also SMS us at 09899977778 – send us your name and city and we will SMS you back when we reach your city!


**the wheel was a great
invention; two wheels with a motor in between was

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