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Flash fiction A The Title of My Website narrow escape

The high-pitched whine of the police sirens jerked Todd Hathaway out of a sound
sleep. His Mulberry Outlet heart
pounding loudly, he half-rolled, half-stumbled out of his bed to look out the
window. There they were, a pair of black and whites pulling into the driveway. 

 The landlady, Mrs. Maclean, would stall them for a bit, but not very long. Soon
they would be surrounding the placecutting off any chance of escape. He
swallowed The Title of My Website
hardhis heart thumped loudly against his chest. How the hell did they find mewho
told them I was here? Plenty of time to wonder about that laterhe had to get
out. Todd pulled on his jeans and t-shirt from the night beforethe jeans were
ripped-the t-shirt was stained and stank of beer and cigarettes. “What a fashion
plate Mulberry bags I must be,” he
muttered dryly. He slid his feet into his tennis shoeswho knew where his socks
might be. Grabbing his duffel bag he opened his wardrobe and threw the rest of
his clothes in there. 
The rest of his junk would have to wait. Travel lightmove fast. Who had
said that? Somebody on TV, probablyhe couldnt remember. Todd slid open the
window and climbed out onto the fire escape. He looked downno cops yet, thank
God. Placing his duffel bag on his shoulder he climbed down the rusty ladder
till he reached the endhanging on to the last rung he dropped down onto the
street below. No running footstepsno warning shoutshed gotten out just in time.
Still clutching his bag, Todd ran as fast as he could. 

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